The Wrangling of the Bedside Chargers!

3 Dec

If you are like me…and hopefully you are not…you have 10 to 20 different electronic devices next to your bed.  Total joke, but sometimes I feel that way!  Each night is a struggle among the tripped up cords with the ipad fighting the phone, battling the light, swording off the nook.  Add my child’s LOVE to play with them (mommy –  look, electricity!) and each day they seem like more and more of a tangled mess.  I swear, life would be so much easier if the FCC required all devices to have a UNIVERSAL charger, right!!!  Doesn’t take brilliance here people.  Until then, here is a temporary solution!

Does your floor look like this hot mess?

Does your floor look like this hot mess?  Wait…is that an actual bookmark?  What the hell is going on? 

I found this AWESOME idea on pinterest and just HAD to share it with you!  Just take a binder clip and attach it to the side of your nightstand!  Pull through your chargers and done!  Now my chargers are tucked away, nice and clean!  Ahhhhnnnnnddddd life is simple….sigh….again, total joke!  Have a great Monday!

So simple...why have I not done this before?

So simple…why have I not done this before?

Make sure the binder clip is big enough where you can pull it through!

Make sure the binder clip is big enough where you can pull it through!


My ipad charging happily on the nightstand...

My ipad charging happily on the nightstand…not on the yucky floor where it usually ends up :)

The Heather Rath Banana Experiment!

20 Oct

Yep, you read that right!  Today is inaguration day for the banana experiment that will hopefully save all of us millions (or maybe $20) in the future!

The bananas, which will ripen quicker?

What is it?  Well, I have heard that when you buy bananas, if you pull them apart individually they will ripen less quickly…have you heard the same?  But, I have  also heard that if you keep them together, they will stop the ripen process as well….so, which is it?  I’m putting this into experiment mode, 6th grade science project skills put to the test – and lookout – there may be a shoebox diorama or posterboard in the future!

Why?  Well because Gray goes through bananas like crazy but I’m still am finding myself throwing away one or two every couple of days and I want to know if there is a secret to banana longevity!  Oh, and because I’m a huge dork like that!

The Foundation of the Experiment:  I bought two bunches of bananas yesterday that looked similar in color and felt the same. I asked the produce guy if they were from the same truck/box and he assured me they were.  I kept one bunch together and the other I broke apart.  Which will ripen quicker???

I’ll be posting a picture each day to see what happens!  What do you think?  Vote above!

Day 1 -

Left – Bunch of Bananas Right – Individual Bananas

Day 2 -

Day 2 – What do you think? Vote above!

Day 3 -

Day 3…what do you think?

Day 4 -

Well, what do you think kids? Did either fare better? Let me know :) I may have to do a redo here soon with the ripped off bananas not touching.

The Heather Rath Banana Project Redux!!!
Let’s do a redo here…..with one

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Composting…or…”Yes, I’ve Turned Into A Hippy!”

30 Apr IMG_20120430_094516

Composting.  Uggghhh, gross.  I know, I know…not a positive statement but uhhh, really?  I mean – I love me a farmers market just as much as the next person….I grew up in Hawaii and Northern California….I made all of Gray’s babyfood and even did the cloth diaper thing for a time, just like my mom.  I totally “get it” – but for some reason, the inner-hippy in me has never approached composting with anything else but a scrunched up nose.  When I was VERY newly pregnant in May of 2010, I visited my girlfriend in Columbia, SC – Colleen.  She was composting at the time and showed me her contraption and I thought, “ok, that’s not too bad – I can do that” – but of course I never did =).

Fast forward two years and I’m ready.  Or, I think I’m ready.

You see, I am proud to feed my darling 16 month old primarily locally sourced fruits and veggies.  I am even helping to harvest with an Island farmer later this season to get crops from him.  So the amount of carrot strawberry and eggplant tops, sweet potato & banana peels and egg shells that I toss each day is monumental.  This kid eats well!  Why not get that good stuff into the garden?  Sidenote: this garden is a laugh b/c I can barely keep my basil plant alive, but whatever….I’m trying.

So this weekend, I started looking at composters online.  Found one for $150 (of course I did) – but before splurging, I thought…why not make my own to see if I actually go through with this?  Thus…my homemade composter.  I’ll let you know if it works in a few weeks.  =)

I found my idea online here.  I took an extra Rubbermaid container from the attic and took a marker and marked where my holes would go.  Then, I took the drillbit and drilled through the air holes.  I’m sure there is a better explanation…but the little I know about composting is that it needs heat and air to circulate the “natural” stuff and break it down.  Hence, the holes.

I put holes all over the top, sides and bottom to allow for proper air flow and circulation.

I rested the composter on bricks to allow for the air to come up from the bottom.

The site recommended using bungee cords to keep the lid on but I just used a potted plant.  It looked prettier anyways….the one on the website was round, so you could roll it around the yard to “turn” it.  I’m just keeping ours off the back porch next to the kitchen so I opted to use what we had in the attic.  Another site recommended using a Rubbermaid tub with wheels, so you can just wheel it around the garden.  Cool idea, right!

Check out what we had for dinner last night.  Artichokes, beets, chicken, roasted veggies.  =)  Stale bread and old bagels were thrown in there too.  You are supposed to have a mixture of 50/50 green to brown and when it smells, add more green.  So all the stuff in there right now would be considered “green”, so I need to throw some leaves, dirt, etc in there for the brown.

BTW, the actual composting doesn’t gross me out, turning it does, however.  Don’t know how I’m going to stomach that scenario during the sweltering South Carolina summers!

Here’s to happy composting everyone!!!

What can you compost??? Taken from here -

Green / wet materials

  • Fruit and veggie scraps
  • Egg shells
  • Tea bags, tea leaves
  • Fresh green grass clippings and plant trimmings grown without pesticides or weed killers
  • Plate scrapings (excluding meat and bones)

Brown / dry materials

  • Dry leaves, dried grass clippings
  • Wood shavings or sawdust
  • Nuts and shells
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Pinecones, pine needles
  • Shredded egg cartons (the paper kind)
  • Shredded newspaper and tissue paper
  • Twigs
  • Hay
  • Peanut shells
  • Cold wood ashes
  • Dryer lint
  • Shredded cereal boxes and other paperboard items

What can I compost? 

Generally yes

Leftovers, plate scrapings: Absolutely, except meat and bones.

Generally no

No Pet poop: Avoid adding animal waste to your compost, unless you plan to use your compost strictly on ornamental plants — not on veggie or fruit trees/bushes. If you have a commercial composting facility nearby that takes drop-offs or has curbside pickup, ask if they accept pet waste. Or consider an in-ground dog-poo composting setup like the Doggie Doolie.

No Meat and bones: Not in a home composter. As with compostable plates and such, compost in a residential compost bin or pile typically doesn’t get hot enough to sufficiently break down meat or bones. Same goes for dairy products, sauces, oils and fats: These may be OK in small doses as part of plate scrapings, but you don’t want to pour a cup of bacon grease or cheese sauce in your compost.

No Diseased plants, seeding weeds or wet grass: They can cause plant diseases or weeds to grow in your compost or among the plants you apply them to.

No Inorganic materials such as synthetic pesticides, weed killer, plastics, medicines, cleaning chemicals: Composting is a natural organic process; inorganic stuff unsurprisingly messes it up — i.e., kills the microorganisms that make compost happen.

Easter Wreath!

6 Apr wreath on door

Well, I’m back.  Christmas came and went and all of a sudden I looked at the calendar and it was April.  Seriously….somehow in there, three whole months went by – 1/4 of the way through 2012 – wow.

Last week I decided to make an Easter wreath – something fun and super easy to get me “back in the groove” of making “fun stuff”…’s a rainy Good Friday on Hilton Head so I decided that today, rather than actually ON Easter, would be a great day for me to get going!  You like how I plan ahead??? (See Thanksgiving Wreath post for hilarity) =)

Here’s all the items I purchased to make the wreath. 

At Michaels, I decided to go with the straw type wreath instead of the foam round one because I wanted some texture.  FYI- HUGE mistake.  After unwrapping the plastic off the wreath (only about 1/4), I realized that straw gets EVERYWHERE.  Once I saw that, I left the rest of the plastic on – as you can see.

Just like with my Thanksgiving and Halloween projects, I wrapped the wreath with pretty Easter-colored ribbon and pinned it with the push-pins.  I ran out of ribbon – but thats ok because I’ll just cover it with flowers.

I ran out of push pins so I improvised with these jewelry pins, reduce, reuse, recycle, right!

Yellow, Blue and Green Flowers….Blue, White and Yellow-Checked Ribbon.

The finished product!  Super easy, very inexpensive and a great way to welcome Easter on Sunday!

Happy Easter Everyone! Enjoy the day with family, friends and your little ones!

Christmas Card Clothesline!

4 Dec

So usually I post about items I find on Pinterest and re-create but I just had to share this awesome find – no assembly required!  I was looking through Christmas Card display ideas the other week – we always get a ton and I hate to just put them in a pile, right!?!?  I wanted to come up with a creative way to actually display them and stumbled upon this super easy idea in HomeGoods yesterday. 

It spells out Merry Christmas on a clothesline….you could easily make this….or just buy it at HomeGoods on Hilton Head for $12.  Yes….$12.  Then I bought some clothespins – I am actually going to spraypaint them red or silver – won’t that look adorable against the green?  Well…you can’t really see it but the Merry Christmas is in green and silver tones.

I just love this!  Used the clothespins to clip on the Holiday cards!  Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

Thanksgiving Wreath!

23 Nov

Ok – so I have to start this post with the story about my experience at Michaels today.  So there I was, house (semi) cleaned, wine bought, grocery shopped and ready for an awesome Thanksgiving when I decided to head out to Michaels after seeing some really cute Thanksgiving wreaths on Pinterest.  I remembered how easy the Halloween one was and decided that I could create a Thanksgiving themed one by tonight.  I have said before, I’m not a born “crafty” person, but I love to try new things, especially if they are easy! 


If you are a friend on fb, you know how this turned out….and I imagine you are……as how else did you find my blog, but whatever.  

Here you are, this was my fb post from tonight:

I totally freaked out a woman at Michaels this afternoon:
Me – Excuse me, I want to make a Fall wreath, is this rack all you have.
She – Well, YES!!! Why are you making a Fall wreath, Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
Me – Well, I decided I wanted to make something fun for tomorrow at the last-minute.
She – But Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
Me – Well, Yes.
She – You need to come in September for Fall items. Yells across store – Sally, this girl wants to make a wreath for tomorrow.
Sally – But Fall is over tomorrow.
Etc Etc Etc. Apparently craft people are planners =)
Seriously kids, no joke – they didn’t get it.  By no means were they rude, but I don’t think they had ever encountered someone with my procrastination skills before.   After leaving them in an air of confusion, I eventually rattled up the bottom of the barrel stuff and was on my way. 
Oh, and p.s. – my husband came home from happy hour and was making fun of me for “causing trouble” at Michaels….that’s nice. 
Here is my 20 minute, under $20 Thanksgiving wreath…..
Welcome sign was $2.50 from CVS, the rest was all from Michaels….orange-ish/brown burlap ribbon for texture, foam leaves with sticky backs (just peel it off), green foam wreath, yellow spray paint in case I needed it, some thread…..oh, and a wiener dog (he’s not going on the wreath). 
Isn’t this ribbon soooo cool!  I love it!  I found it on an end cap and it was open but I totally snagged it anyway.  I can think of a lot of fun stuff to do with this ribbon!  Love Love Love!!! It’s the PERFECT fall shade. 
Pinned the ribbon at the top and started wrapping all around, just like with my Halloween wreath.  I thought I would want the wreath to be yellow in the background instead of the green foam (which is how it comes), but I figured out the ribbon covers up the background totally, so no need to spray paint.  And I got to read about Iran =). 
Hot glued my welcome sign into the middle!
The foam leaves had designs on them, which I didn’t like, so I removed the backing and wrote our names on the “sticky” side.  Then I hot glued the “design” side onto the wreath. 
Dad, Mom, Family, Gray, Laramie, Hogan – Thankful =)
Super Cute!!!
Don’t you just love the ribbon for the hook! 
I will thoroughly enjoy my wreath until Friday everyone =)
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and are surrounded by ones you love. 
Gobble Gobble!!!

Thanksgiving Bingo Cards!

22 Nov

So…..I have spent the last couple of weeks not being creative….uggh, work just gets in the way – ya’all know how that goes =).  But I came across this great, easy idea and had to share super-quick BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday! 

I am excited to host friends and family this year for Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday as there are no huge expectations, no gifts, just a time to be with family, friends, my husband, my baby and the dogs.  I imagine this year will be a bit more mellow compared to the past – sitting on the front porch, some champagne & lots of bourbon.  My little brother Rob, who is a FANTASTIC writer with a book coming out soon, is flying in from Austin and meeting his nephew, Gray, for the first time.  You can read Rob’s work here - his story about the gaming industry and the Mexican Cartel is seriously Vanity Fair type quality, but I digress.  All in all – It should be a super, very casual Thanksgiving. 

I wanted to do a fun game for the holiday and stumbled upon Thanksgiving Bingo, where else, but Pinterest!  I thought it would be great for our group to play and easy for me to put together.  Here is a picture from Pinterest. 

I took this idea and decided to create my own cards.  I wanted to put THANK across the top, make the rows 5×5, then drop in the images of Fall/Thanksgiving.  Then, I would create a pattern for moving the images around to make sure there were no duplicates….and enough to go around. 

Well I started on this project, and then it took on a life of its own when I shared my idea with a client of mine and we decided Thanksgiving Bingo would be a fun addition to his weekly party for VIP’s.  So now, I am tasked with making 30 Bingo cards….for tonight….and remember the all need to be different =).  I googled Thanksgiving Bingo Cards and this GREAT website came up to make my life SUPER EASY…’s a website called (link below) and all you do is plug in the type of card you want to make – for instance – 5×5 picture with Thanksgiving theme…..up pops the pictures and the card is DONE. 

I then took the image, cut and pasted into a simple word document – which allowed me to move the pictures around easily – again, for those of you that have not played bingo in years and years like me, each card needs to be different.  I actually remember the last time I played and I think it was when I was a pledge in Pi Phi, ummm 15 years ago….they had a game to identify everything the sorority was associated with (arrowmont, angels, arrows, arrow in the arctic logo, holt house) anyone remember that???  Anyways – here are a couple versions. 

I am kinda bummed they are in black and white, instead of the original ones I did with the pictures in color, but printing them on a yellow and orange cardstock helped.  Besides – the TIME it saved using this website rather than me designing each one was totally worth it. 

I then cut out the pieces to make the “calls”  =). 

Lets Play!!!  Click here to create your own! 

If you would like the template for the bingo cards, email me or facebook me with your email and I will send it over to you.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Gray’s Graveyard Goodies!

1 Nov
This Halloween was super special as it was Gray’s first!!!  Our friends Jen and Allan have a beautiful home on the golf course in Palmetto Hall… of the neighborhoods to definitely be in during Halloween.   God bless them, they invited about 10 families over with kids of all ages…..bouncy house, pizza, apps and drinks for the parents!  It was super fun and Gray LOVED the bouncy house.  For trick or treating,  everyone headed down the street to Tucker Ridge for the ultimate Halloween experience.  The neighbors gather for parties in their driveway, kids run around, tons of candy and lots of fun libations for the adults!!! 

I found this great dessert on Pinterest (where else, right) and decided to make a “graveyard” for each of the families!   

The Goods! Super Easy!

Simple!  Jello, black icing, oreos, milano cookies, skeletons and the “graveyard”…..

Mixed up the pudding for the base and the Oreos for the dirt…..

Then I brought out the cute “graveyards” from Michaels…they are soooo adorable with the different prints on the sides! 

Check out the headstones (aka Milano cookies), initials were for the last name of each family!



And finally, put it all together!  This one was “W” for the Walter fam! 

Hope you had a great Halloween!!! 

Check out my cute little shark!

Shark and Mom!

The Ghost of Graydon!

31 Oct

I found this super awesome and simple idea to document each of Gray’s Halloweens on Pinterest! 

Soooo easy & adorable – I got the background from Michaels for just $1 and had the white paint and the white marker at home!  Spooky!

I put Gray in the high chair so I could paint the bottom of his feet – you should have heard the squeals of laugher!  Too cute – he is sooo ticklish!

It took a couple of tries, but this board is awesome because the paint would wipe off with a damp paper towel – but this was as good as we could get it we thought! 

Add on the language and the black marker for the eyes and mouth and you are done! 

  Hanging on the wall…….

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween & The Hookers!

30 Oct

So every year, our good friends, the Hookers (yes, that’s their last name – yes, my husband is totally juvenile with it) have a super fun party the Saturday before Halloween.  Cindy is a GREAT chef and she makes a huge dinner, pumpkins are carved, fire is built, fun shots are taken, beer flows for the boys and the girls guzzle on some awesome kiwi (new zealand) vino – it’s always an awesome party.  

The Hookers (I know, its fun to say, right!) have had this party for years and it has evolved through new babies, second round of new babies and of course, new friends.  We love the Hookers and always have a great time. 

I asked Cindy if I could bring something this year and decided to make scary mummy cake pops I saw on Pinterest…..I have ALWAYS wanted to try something fun like this.  I googled cake pop recipes, and halfway through the 2nd page of the recipe, I decided I could EASILY do this with donuts and cut my prep time in half!  I googled that and sure-enough, it wasn’t an original idea!  Whole slew of…….Donut cake pops! 

Here is my inspiration!  Mine didn’t come out nearly as well, but I tried =)

halloween cake pops. #halloween #cake #food #dessertMummy Cake Pops – top                                                                    – bottom

This is where I started……..I got the extra-long lollipop sticks, food coloring, icing, white candy melts, donut holes and to secure it all, floral foam blocks – Michaels sells them in a package of six. 

The Goods =)

To start with, I melted the candy, about half the bag.  I put a pan underneath with water to help in the melting process without burning the candy.  It was a little thick, so I thinned it out with water.  I added the water little by little by the teaspoon so I could get the correct mix.  Picture below was when it was still a bit thick…..

I took the lollipop stick and dipped the tip into the candy melt, then I took the donut and put it about halfway onto the lollipop stick, the icing on the tip will help to make the donut solid on the stick….

Once I felt it was secured, I put the entire donut about halfway into the melt, then turned it right side up and it  dripped down,covering the rest of the “cake”.   A couple of times there was too much frosting on it, making the pop very heavy….so I tapped my wrist while holding the pop.  If I were to shake the pop, it would be way to heavy and fall off, tapping the wrist takes some pressure off. 

Ok – here is where I went off the rails….I tried doing the mummy thing with the first two cake pops….see below……and see how I am using the floral brick – don’t forget to wrap the brick in plastic wrap! 

Mummy Pops

…….. and didn’t like or love the way they looked at all.  Seriously.  So, I just added some orange food coloring, changing gears to a black and orange pop.  

Orange Dominates!

Seriously peeps….these things are extremely hard to decorate.  Totally not my expertise…..

boooooo, I'm going to bite your head off!

And….here they all are.   Glad I tried this, but nope, probably not happening again.  I’m just not a cake-type decorator person, it’s hard, really hard.  And quite frankly, they didn’t taste all that great.  The icing didn’t taste like anything but sugar.  Kids liked them and one guy ate a bunch….but I think he was also a wee drunk =).   Happy Halloween! 

Let them eat donut pops!

Have you ever made cake pops??? Did they taste good? 

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